Motorcycle Video Submission

Despite nearly all of the stock photography web sites I submit images to also accepting video, I had never thought of trying it before. I knew my Nikon was perfectly capable of delivering HD quality footage, but it always seemed an after thought.

This summer, however, I purchased a GoPro Hero3 and fell in love with its go anywhere nature. The short, 30-second, clip approved by Shutterstock today is, in fact, a segment of one of my first uses of the GoPro. Using the roll-bar mount, I attached the GoPro to one of the front forks on my motorcycle. I then took a ride down some logging trails north of Fairbanks. It was a blast, despite the trails being pretty torn up by the snow melt. In fact, there's video of me crashing when I hit a rut a bit too deep to control. Not that I uploaded that to Shutterstock!

I love this little camera and hope to get a lot more video up at the stock sites. I would like to find a decent polarizing filter for it to help cut down on the glare. Unfortunately, so far all the filter systems for the GoPro I've seen online look really cheesy and cheap. I may try one out, anyway, just to see if it helps out any. I know blown highlights in photos are bad enough. I don't like seeing them in my video, too!

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