Finally finished setting up a Zenfolio shop. This new site can be used to purchase prints (framed or not), mouse pads, bookmarks, photo books and more. I don't have a lot of images up there, yet, but I'm working on improving the size of the collection. The printing is done via MPix, one of the best image printing shops out there.

I've been working on the site off and on for a while now. I'm not the best page designer out there, so any comments, pro or con, on the design and functionality will be much appreciated. If I have any imagery on stock sites that you think would make for good large prints, let me know if they are not on the new site.

Anyway, I hope the new site for prints proves useful. Now to get more images up there!

Screenshot of Urban Raven Photo

Just testing a website plugin that should take this article and auto-post it to Facebook. Somehow, I have my doubts.

UPDATE: Well, it worked! Awesome. Now to see if it sends another notification when you UPDATE a page/blog post.

I've added another site to places I sell my stock imagery. CreStock has a number of different payment methods, including "pay as you go" for prices as low as $1.

I don't have a lot to say about the site, yet, as I'm fairly new. I do know that I can't currently link to my profile, as there seems to be some sort of error on the site that takes you to an "Image Can't Be Found" page. Not a great first impression. However, I suspect that will be fixed fairly soon.

There also seems to be a 10-shot per week upload limit. At that rate it's going to take a while to build up a library. Hopefully, that limit increases as more images are accepted. Of course, this is a submitter limit, and as such, isn't an issue for buyers.

Anyway, even though I can't link you to my currently very small portfolio there, click the banner below and have a look at the site. Hopefully, one of their payment options will be attractive to you. Go find some great images for your next project!

Crestock Stock Photos

Just a quick blog entry to announce that I am now selling photos through both Alamy and Right now the portfolios are tiny, but I'm working on getting additional images added as quickly as possible. I'm proud to be able to offer my photos through these two sites and hope that the additional purchasing options will make things a bit more convenient.

Stock photography by Roger Asbury at Alamy

Stock photography by Roger Asbury at

It's been a crazy busy summer with little time for photography. However, I did manage to get a batch of photos submitted to the various stock agencies, and have seen acceptances at Shutterstock, iStock and Bigstock. The images are still pending on a few other sites.

This group of photos was mostly taken on a recent vacation, where my family and I traveled down to Homer, Alaska. Images include wildlife and landscape shots.

My latest images for sale at Shutterstock: