A small batch of nature themed photos was accepted today at iStock. I took these photos while on the nature trails around Creamer's Field in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Creamer's Field is a roughly 2000 acre migratory waterfowl refuge. Most of my photos of geese, cranes and ducks are shot here during the migratory season. Most birds have continued their trek south at this point, so this batch of images is geared towards the plant life and the Fall season.

A ton of trails wander around the refuge, and depending on the time of year you can spot migratory birds, frogs and literal swarms of dragon flies. Activities are organized by the Friends of Creamer's Field around these events. The trails are open year round and it's not uncommon to see hikers, skiers and skijorers in winter. It is definitely one of my favorite places in Fairbanks.


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