I've added another site to places I sell my stock imagery. CreStock has a number of different payment methods, including "pay as you go" for prices as low as $1.

I don't have a lot to say about the site, yet, as I'm fairly new. I do know that I can't currently link to my profile, as there seems to be some sort of error on the site that takes you to an "Image Can't Be Found" page. Not a great first impression. However, I suspect that will be fixed fairly soon.

There also seems to be a 10-shot per week upload limit. At that rate it's going to take a while to build up a library. Hopefully, that limit increases as more images are accepted. Of course, this is a submitter limit, and as such, isn't an issue for buyers.

Anyway, even though I can't link you to my currently very small portfolio there, click the banner below and have a look at the site. Hopefully, one of their payment options will be attractive to you. Go find some great images for your next project!

Crestock Stock Photos

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