It's been a crazy busy summer with little time for photography. However, I did manage to get a batch of photos submitted to the various stock agencies, and have seen acceptances at Shutterstock, iStock and Bigstock. The images are still pending on a few other sites.

This group of photos was mostly taken on a recent vacation, where my family and I traveled down to Homer, Alaska. Images include wildlife and landscape shots.

My latest images for sale at Shutterstock:

A small batch of nature themed photos was accepted today at iStock. I took these photos while on the nature trails around Creamer's Field in Fairbanks, Alaska.

[UPDATED - 10/3] Three new images have been accepted at Shutterstock.

Video Submission

Despite nearly all of the stock photography web sites I submit images to also accepting video, I had never thought of trying it before. I knew my Nikon was perfectly capable of delivering HD quality footage, but it always seemed an after thought.

Welcome back to the redesigned Urban Raven Photo web site. It's still in flux right now and I'm hoping to add new content for the next few days. I kind of let the previous site dwindle away into obscurity and, perhaps more importantly, non-functionality.

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